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Simple Website Design Software to Get You Online Quickly and Painlessly

It doesn’t matter how modest and small time you see your business as being, you still need to get on the Internet and show people what you’ve got.

illustratorIf you’re like one out of small businesses out there, you still haven’t done it – you’re putting it off because it seems complicated and it seems expensive.

That’s quite understandable; the good thing though is that there are plenty of website design tools and software applications out there that help you get your business online with nothing more than a minimal investment.

When you use website design software to build your own site design, you’ll usually need to think creatively in a way you may never have before. You’ll need to think of an overall idea for your website, you’ll need a kind of feel for what the website should look like in the end.

Good website design tools will help you do this! We will share some of our favorites and give you tips on this site!

Once you have a good idea of what you want, you find plenty of online tools to help you get there, and to get your website to play nice with your Facebook presence, your Twitter profile and so on (yes, you need those as well).

Let’s start with a product from a familiar name – Google. When you head to Google Sites, you find that they offer you a free web presence. Why do you need this when you can get online with better options from Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter?

Well, what you get when you go with Google Sites is different. With the website design software they have, you can create a great intranet – a network within your company. You also get a great, free tools with which to manage your things.

For instance, you get to really use your Google Apps account now.

With this, you can create task lists, announcements and other documents right online. The downside to going with Google Sites is that you do need a good bit of access to coding skills.

If what you want is a traditional website, you’ll have to head elsewhere – such as to Intuit Wbsites. Starting a website can take imagination. If you’re not the kind of imaginative or artistic person that you need to be to create a beautiful, well-designed website, all you need is to use web design software that Intuit Websites gives you.

Certainly, the template-based approach here isn’t likely to give you terribly impressive results. If you’re just starting out though and you simply want to get online with something that looks reasonably good, it certainly will give you plenty of choice.

It can even be a lot of fun using their cookie-cutter approach. Depending on the kind of features you pick, a website like this can cost anywhere between $25 and $50 a month.

Regardless of what tools you decide to use – it is very easy to design a great looking website that works towards achieving your goals!

We’re here to help and will do our best to guide you!

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tumblrTip: You should sign up for a free Tumblr Microblog account and start messing around and setting up your own free blogs!

They allow each account to setup several blogs and each can have it’s own look by selecting it’s own theme from many they provide for free (or you can pay).

Try it!

It’s fun and you’ll get some good webmaster experience on your tumblr blogs!



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